Botanica Paraiso De Oshun     (Spiritual Counselor)

Ayuda Espiritual Hablo Espanol

             La  Vidente Iyanifa

I practice Traditional Yoruba Ifa. I initiated to Vodou early in life and studied to be where I am today. I initiated to Ifa and Ogun. I also traveled to initiate to Egungun. I work with people initiated to various levels, including Ifa (Babalawo,Iyanifa), (Lukumi), (Egun Priest) and Ocha (Santero, Santera), (Palo Mayombe),(Southern Hoodoo) and Also the uninitiated that are on a quest to find their path.

 Firstly I would like acknowledge Oludumare who is the foundation of me being here. I acknowledge Orunmila/Ifa who is the mouth piece for Olodumare, and in whose mysteries I have been initiated.

 I acknowledge all my Ancestors, by blood and spiritually.

 I acknowledge all the Orisa (the deities who govern this world).

 I acknowledge my Lwa in Vodou.

 I acknowledge my Egbe.

  I acknowledge my mother and my Father for bringing me into this world and raising me.

 I am indebted to these Awo for teaching and believing in me.

  • Oloye Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi
  • Oluwo Ifakolade Obafemi

An honest sage is no longer in existence
A truthful person is very rare indeed
When I no longer have any reliable person to confide in

I choose to keep my thoughts within
Those are the declarations of the oracle for Ajao who is being befriended by earthly beings
and heavenly beings
He was asked to offer sacrifice, He complied
Alas, all the human beings seeking my friendship I harken not
My thoughts had been kept within me
All heavenly beings seeking my friendship
I am not interested in your friendship
I have kept my thoughts within me.


What I offer:

Readings with the Orisas (spirit forces of nature) and the Eggun (ancestor spirits). Ifa and Ocha readings are not done only in person.


Opele (divining chain)


A reading will be done first to determine what is the best method for he/she/them

Spiritual Counseling.

Works to bring healing, blessings and abundance

This can include:

Attracting a job that is good for you

Increasing your health

A reading will be done first to determine what is the best method for you.

Cleaning people and places of things such as general negative energy, curses and troubling spirits

Custom ides (bracelets) and ilekes (necklaces).

Other works( If there is something you don't see listed just ask)


I am also an Egungun Priest. Egungun priests and initiates who are trained in ancestral communication, ancestral elevation and funerary rites are assigned to invoke and bring out the ancestors.







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